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Industrial | Condensate Polishing System

Driplex offers a wide range of condensate polishing solutions, from deep bed condensate polishers and powdered resin condensate treatment, to special resin grades and off-site regeneration. Condensate polishing can improve bottom line by reducing the losses or damages caused by corrosion and deposits; it can significantly reduce start-up times and the frequency of routine cleaning. This translates into cost savings and greater operating efficiencies for our customers.

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 Driplex …

Driplex Systems work on 14 day Ammonia and 7 day Hydrogen cycle. Our system results in 60% of cost saving in comparison to systems offered by other vendors.

Condensate treatment is ideal for new combined cycle and cogeneration plants for treating:



Condensate Polishing Systems supplied by driplex are skid mounted and have the following advantages over the systems supplied by any other vendor:

Driplex offers External Regeneration Technology for Condensate Polishing




Deionisation at high flow rates can present challenges with respect to the design of a suitable internal distribution system, particularly when one considers the very large ratio that would exist between the normal high operating flow and the necessary resin regeneration flow.

This system has been developed allowing for transfer of the ion exchange resins from service polishing unit into completely separate vessels. where regeneration of the resin is carried out. When the resin is fully regenerated the process is reversed and the resin transferred back into the service unit. This arrangement of plant ensures there is no chance of any regenerant accidentally entering the boiler-feed system and allows optimal design of the service and regeneration vessels.

Fabrication Unit

Driplex has its own Fabrication Unit for heavy pressure fabrication at Bahadrabad, Haridwar. All High Pressure Spherical Vessels up to size 4000 dia and 50 mm thick & cylindrical vessels 3500 dia and 65mm thick as per ASME / international code are fabricated here.

Driplex shop is approved by Lloyds, TÜV. Quest, Bureau Veritas, NTPC, BHEL for manufacture and supply of various equipment for Condensate Polishing System and Water Treatment Plants.

Driplex has ASME "U" stamp Certification for Pressure vessels.

Manufacturing & Assembly Unit

Driplex Unit at SIDCUL, Haridwar, ISO-9001:2008 certified, is a manufacturing & assembly unit for pre-fabricated pipes, mock-up pipe assembly, open tanks, CS / SS / MS piping, skid mounted assembly for Condensate Polishing Unit and skid mounted Water Treatment Plants.

Driplex Unit is approved by Lloyds, TÜV, Quest, Bureau Veritas, NTPC & BHEL for manufacture and supply of various equipment for all types of Water Treatment Plants.