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Industrial | Reverse Osmosis Plant

Reverse Osmosis is reversal of natural process of osmosis - a process by which a dilute solution will pass through a semi-permeable barrier to a more concentrated solution. In reverse osmosis, a pressure in excess of osmotic pressure is applied to a concentrated solution, forcing essentially pure water through the semipermeable membrane, leaving behind the dissolved solids. The result is a pure, essentially mineral-free stream of water.

Driplex customizes its solutions based on the clients requirements. Usually RO systems are advisable where TDS > 500 ppm. Reverse Osmosis Systems offer a 96 - 99 % rejection of salts.

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Reverse Osmosis Plants from Driplex

The hollow fiber membranes for water purification are resistant to bacterial attack and degradation caused by acidic and alkaline solutions. They are suitable for use on both alkaline pH softened feedwaters as well as acidic feedwaters. Because of closely packed hollow fibers, Driplex reverse osmosis modules offer great advantages in active surface areas. This means greater volume of pure water from a compact, light weight, easily handled module.





The recovery of large RO System is commonly chosen based on the potential for scale formation. The higher the recoveries, the greater the concentration of salts will be in the downstream membrane stages, thus the higher the potential for scale formation.

Applications of Reverse Osmosis Plants