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Ultra Filtration is a membrane fractionation process used to separate and concentrate macro-molecules and colloids from water. Ultra Filtration is most reliable and economical solution for the removal of impurities such as bacteria, heavy metals and suspended solids. Substances smaller than the particle size of the membrane are passed while large solutes or particles are rejected.


The typical molecular weight cut off (M.W.C.O.) of Ultra Filtration membranes ranges from 1,000 to 1,00,000 daltons. Because of its larger pore size, it does not reject dissolved salts but removes colloidal solids such as silica, iron and some T. O. C. contaminants.

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Ultra Filtration Membranes are superior

UF Hollow Fiber Membranes are Hot Water Sterilisable, Chlorine & Acid/Alkali Tolerant. These Membranes have the unique advantage of being hydrophillic nature, which results in fouling resistance.

UF Membranes also have a wide range of pH and temperature tolerance and are easily backwash able, to avoid membrane fouling.



Hollow Fiber Ultra filtration Technology is used in a wide variety of production applications including:



Advantages of Ultra Filtration Systems